Families throughout Westchester and the New York City metropolitan area have been enjoying Knollwood Country Club since it’s founding in 1894, when Knollwood was one of the first 15 clubs to join the USGA and iconic golfers including Francis Ouimet and Bobby Jones frequented the club. Over the years, the club and its members have endured two world wars, depressions, recessions and a devastating fire. But as a 1927 edition of the club’s newsletter reported,

“There is something more, not easily described – that indefinable something called spirit – ever present at Knollwood from the beginning and therefore old, yet virile and therefore young.”

This member-owned club is less than 30 minutes from Midtown Manhattan and features a complete country club experience, with championship golf, tennis courts, a pool, fitness center, bocce courts and amazing food. Come experience the Knollwood Country Club spirit for yourself!

In 1890, Augustus T. Gillender acquired the farmland that would later become Knollwood Country Club. His plan was to transform the property into an enclosed and upscale community, drawing inspiration from Tuxedo Park and including all the amenities of a country club. The name "Knollwood" was chosen to honor the site's scenic setting, which offered breathtaking vistas of the surrounding countryside.

Members of Knollwood Country Club included notable individuals such as W.K. Vanderbilt and William Rockefeller. The distinctive feature of Knollwood's golf course, setting it apart from other major American courses for a considerable period, was its relatively short length. Spanning only 5300 yards, Knollwood's golf course retained this shorter size even as other major clubs transitioned to the era of rubber-cored balls and expanded to the standard 6000 yards or more. Nonetheless, this detail held little significance to most. Enthusiasts cherished Knollwood's traditional course, demonstrating that the course's character was primarily shaped by the natural landscape rather than its length.

While Knollwood Country Club is renowned for its iconic golf course, it's important to note that the clubs founding encompassed a diverse array of recreational pursuits. Beyond its golfing reputation, the club's roots are woven into a vibrant array of activities, including tennis, bowling, horseback riding, softball, and even the tradition of fox hunting.