Guest Information

Cell Phones

All Cell Phones must be kept on silent or vibrate only. Talking on a cell phone is prohibited in the Members’ Grill, Turnesa Room, Main Dining Room, Murphy Room Bar, Terrace, Front Foyer, Porch, Putting Green, Practice Facilities, or anywhere on the golf Course. There are designated areas where cell phone use is permitted and they are as follows: locker rooms, restrooms, under the staircase to the Men's Locker Room, President's Room (small room adjacent to the Murphy Lounge), cart barn, halfway house, pool or parking lot. Please make an effort to use cell phones in a manner that respects the privacy of other club members. Texting and emailing are permitted provided they are done in such a way that it does not disturb other members. Offenses will be addressed with the member responsible.

Dress Code

The Knollwood dress code contributes to the tradition, decorum and dignity of our Club and applies to the entire Club property from the time of your arrival. Members must ensure that their family and guests are dressed appropriately. Guests, in particular, should be advised of the Knollwood dress code before their arrival at the club. In general, no tee shirts, tank tops, halter tops, spandex clothing, cargo shorts or cargo pants are allowed. Fitness clothing such as yoga pants and sweat suits are only allowed in the fitness center. Blue Denim is allowed in the clubhouse, with the exception of the Main Dining Room unless otherwise specified. Blue denim cannot be ripped, torn or work type jeans. Sneakers are not allowed in the Grill Room or Main Dining Room for dinner.

Changing of shoes and clothing is allowed only in the Locker Rooms and Restrooms.


Collared shirts, mock turtlenecks or turtlenecks are required in the Clubhouse. Shirts must be tucked in, with the exception of shirts that are designed to be worn untucked. Hats and caps shall be removed in the Grill Room, Turnesa Room, Presidents Room, Murphy Bar and Main Dining Room. Hats are to be worn with the brim forward at all times. Sandals and sneakers are not allowed for men in the Main Dining Room for dinner.


Ladies may wear collarless shirts as long as they are appropriate for a country club. Bare midriffs are not considered appropriate.


All children over the age of 5 should be dressed appropriately and are asked to adhere to the dress code, with the exception that children under the age of 12 are permitted to wear cargo shorts, cargo pants and sneakers.

*Members are responsible for informing their guests of the cell phone and dress code policies.